Bible Study Documents

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September 19, 2021  Matthew

Themes: discipleship, dedicated to the Lord, “the call”

September 26, 2021  Mark 

Themes: teaching, personal spiritual growth, mission, courage, afraid

October 3, 2021  Luke

Themes: giving, caring, discipleship, empowering, healing

October 10, 2021  John

Themes: Christian love, learning, peace, humble, dedication, John 3:16 & 17

October 17, 2021  Martha and Mary

Themes: discipleship, witnessing, Jesus as Savior, women in ministry

October 24, 2021  Woman at Well

Themes: learning, growth, discipleship, witnessing, women in ministry

October 31, 2021  (reformation)  Paul

Themes: justification by faith thru grace, “in Christ”, missionary, teaching, courage

November 7, 2021  Peter

Themes: truth, courage, disciple, leader, witnessing, forgiveness

November 14, 2021  Barnabas 

Themes: Generosity, sharing, grace, helper

 November 21, 2021  Lydia

December 5, 2021  Mary

Themes: empowerment, peace, generosity, “Mary hymns….”, Magnificat, treasure

December 12, 2021 Zechariah and  Elizabeth

Themes: caring, protection, mentor, accepting, supporting, witness, parenthood

December 19, 2021  Joseph

Themes: commitment, family, love, guidance, caring, children, protection

January 2, 2022  John the Baptist

Themes: Baptism, renewal, change, community

January 9 Magi

Themes: wisdom, New Year, guidance from God, We three kings….

January 16 Simeon & Anna

Themes: Baptism, renewal, Revelation, wisdom, worship

January 23 The Blind Man

Themes: revelation, sight, transformation

January 30  The Prodigals

Themes: Forgiveness, loving parent

February 6 St Stephen

Themes: sacrifice, dedication, Good News, suffering, grace

February 14 Thomas

Themes: community, belief, searching,

February 20 Nicodemus1

Themes: salvation, understanding, generosity

February 27 Dives and Lazarus

Theme, stewardship, peace, grace 

March 6 Satan

March 13 Herod

March 20 Pontius Pilate

March 27 Caiphas

April 3 Judas

April 24 Mary Magdalenex

May 1 Road to Emmaus

May 29 Mary the mother of Mark